• Robert Karpathios

Your New Favorite Stretch (Video)

You, my friend, are designed to move. A lot. Problem is, you don't; you're stuck at your desk all day, or in your car, or on the couch. This is problematic for several reasons:

Our body adapts to whatever we throw at it. In your case, sitting for 8 hours.

Hip flexors: shortened.

Hamstrings: shortened.

Shoulders & upper back: rounded forward.

It's no surprise you feel stiff and achy.

The good news is that you can fix this with only 10 minutes a day of focused, intentional movement. Spend time in positions you don't normally find yourself in. Express your body's full range of motion more often.

Start with this:

3 minutes per side, twice daily. Once during your lunch hour at work, and again later in the evening. Breathe deeply, focus on the different sensations and move with purpose.

Take note of how your body moves and feels prior to and after each session.

Stay limber, my friends.

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