• Robert Karpathios


Listen, I get it…

We’re all adults, and we all have important responsibilities. But if you really think you don’t have time to prioritize your health and your body, you’re lying to yourself and everyone else around you. “Work” is NOT an excuse. “Kids” is NOT an excuse. How many hours have you clocked in on Netflix this week? The reason I’m SO passionate about this topic is because I’ve seen first-hand what happens when you put yourself LAST for too long. Perhaps you’re an entrepreneur who’s hyper-focused on building your empire, which is absolutely amazing. BUT, before you know it… And it happens fast… You’ll be sick and tired of being SICK and TIRED, wondering what the hell happened to your body, and wishing you had taken action much sooner. How much more could you bring to the table for your career and your family if you were operating at PEAK physical and mental performance 24/7/365? Why don’t you ask my clients who are…

  • Real estate investors

  • Real estate agents

  • Mortgage brokers

  • Physicians

  • Law enforcement

  • Entrepreneurs

  • (All parents, by the way)

…if they bring more to the table in life NOW versus BEFORE they made themselves a priority. I think you know what their answers would be. I say this with all the love in the world. These actions don't just affect you... When you put yourself last, EVERYONE around you loses too... Your critical friend, Robert.

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