• Robert Karpathios

Meet Robert Karpathios

"Who the hell is this guy, and why should I pay attention to what he has to say?"

Robert’s passion for fitness was born as a teenager after struggling with his own weight for years. He watched the way that improving his overall fitness transformed his entire life. Since 2010 he has been committed to transforming the lives of those around him through fitness and has successfully changed hundreds of lives through fitness, diet, and lifestyle changes. With over a DECADE of experience in the health and fitness industry, Robert has been the driving force behind the transformations of people who thought they had tried it all… Every minute of his day is committed to the success of his clients and he values inspiring those around him to see the strength and potential they always had inside themselves. He helps unlock this potential through health and fitness. Cutting through the BS to bring you no-nonsense results… Robert has been a beacon of light within the fitness industry as he adheres to ONLY the best scientific, evidence-based fitness and nutrition practices. Ensuring that the investment made from his clients will garnish nothing but incredible, lifelong results. Robert believes in the untapped potential of everyone and uses fitness and nutrition to tap into the strength that you never thought you had. Not only will your energy, health, and wellness improve; this strength will carry over into personal and professional gains as well. Robert successfully transforms individuals without crash diets and endless cardio… He has clients successfully surpass their fitness goals all while enjoying balance (Because life without pizza is just not worth living!). He takes pride in not only coaching his clients but educating and arming them with real-life fitness and nutrition skills that serve them for the rest of their lives. Robert is driven every day by the success stories of each and every one of his clients, he is committed to positively changing as many lives as possible through fitness. He has had the privilege and honour to help so many other individuals just like you have their lives truly transformed through fitness forever.

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