• Robert Karpathios

Embrace The Obstacles

Losing weight isn't a sprint OR a marathon...


There will be moments in your weight loss journey that seem effortless.

Where you're covering ground with relative ease, steadily making your way toward the finish line.


You'll be faced with moments that seem utterly impossible.

Where it seems that no matter what, you can't make it past a particular obstacle.

It's these exact moments that separate the successful from the unsuccessful.

These obstacles symbolize:

Weight plateaus

Weight fluctuations


Falling off track

"Not feeling like it"

Here's the truth...

There's only ONE way to make it past these obstacles, and that's to simply KEEP GOING.

If you keep going NO MATTER WHAT, you will make it.

You just have to keep going.

Obstacle = KEEP GOING

Obstacle = KEEP GOING

Obstacle = KEEP GOING

And guess what?

Every time you overcome one of these obstacles, you get insurmountably better at overcoming the next one.

And the next one.

And the next one.

Until you've dialed in your skill-set so much that it becomes effortless.

You can't take this journey without the obstacles, because these obstacles ARE the journey.

They are PART of the process.

They SHAPE you.

They BUILD your character.

They instill GREATNESS within you.

The truth is, I wouldn't want the journey if it didn't include the obstacles.

I'm better because of them.

Better in every way.

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