• Robert Karpathios


This whole getting in shape stuff takes time and effort.

Like, SERIOUS time and effort.

You didn’t fall out of shape overnight, so what makes you think you’ll get back into shape overnight?

If all you’re focused on is the end result, I’m sorry to say that you might not make it.

You have to BREATHE the process.

You have to embrace it.

And you have to get REALLY f**king good at it.

Good at all the small things that may seem pointless in the moment.

Things like:

  • Hitting all your workouts.

  • Hitting your daily step goal.

  • Hitting your daily calorie target.

  • Getting 8 hours of sleep.

  • Managing your stress.

Day after day.

Week after week.

Month after month.

Until one day, when your hard work and persistence has paid off, you look in the mirror and see who you were really meant to be.

This is a LIFESTYLE.

And if you treat it as anything less, your results will be sub-par and short term.

Always remember...

There are no shortcuts.

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