• Robert Karpathios

Are you suffering from "Comparison Syndrome"?

Do you know what the BEST measure of progress is?


You yesterday.

You a week ago.

You a month ago.

You a year ago.

As soon as you start comparing yourself to someone else, you’ve already lost.

As a long time sufferer of “comparison syndrome”, I know first hand the negative cascade of human emotions that occur from continually comparing yourself to others.

The very moment I learned how to shift my comparison from EXTERNAL to INTERNAL, everything changed.

My self-hatred turned into self-love and compassion.

I started taking OWNERSHIP of my actions, and my self-worth and self-credibility skyrocketed.

I stopped resenting others around me for being seemingly “further ahead” in life/fitness/finances, or whatever I was focused on at the time.

Making this shift isn’t easy, but it’s absolutely NECESSARY if you’re after long term success AND fulfillment in whatever you’re doing.

My favorite way to break the cycle of comparison syndrome is using this 3-2-1 internalization check-list.

The moment you catch yourself negatively comparing yourself to someone else…

  • List 3 things you’re grateful for.

  • List 2 things you love about yourself.

  • List 1 thing that you can do today that you would be proud of yourself for.

This forces you to immediately shift your focus from external comparison to internal GRATITUDE, breaking the negative comparison cycle.

Make this a non-negotiable habit for yourself and watch your mindset transform.

Remember, comparison (to others) is the thief of joy.

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