• Robert Karpathios


I’ve struggled with an extreme love for food my entire life. I actually have vivid memories from my childhood of being able to pack down an extraordinary amount of food in one sitting, leaving the adults at the table in complete shock. This inevitably lead to me being overweight until I hit puberty and discovered fitness.

During the early years of my personal fitness journey, I was constantly searching for that magic diet. The diet that promised fast, rapid fat-loss. It didn’t take me long to figure out that these diets were not only NOT based on scientific evidence, but also NOT the slightest bit sustainable.

“Can I get my burger with no bun please?”

“I’ll pass on dessert thanks, gotta stay in ketosis!”

What. The. Hell?!

Even if these crazy diets WERE based on scientific evidence (trust me, they're not), who in their right mind would want to live like that? Not me, that’s for sure.

I needed to find a solution. One that was heavily rooted in scientific evidence and that would provide me with a way to enjoy my favorite foods while STILL being able to achieve my fitness goals. It wasn’t long after this that I discovered the art of Flexible Dieting and adapted it into my 80/20 Flexible Dieting Protocol.

Here is an example of my protocol in action:

I literally ate 4 chicken tacos before writing this. Actually, it was more of an inhalation of 4 chicken tacos. Now someone following a strict diet may have felt extreme guilt after eating 4 tacos, but not me. This is because those 4 tacos still fall within my calorie target for the day.

0% guilt. 100% satisfaction.

Those who choose to work with me typically have lived a similar story. They all have a love for delicious food, are sick of the crazy fad diets and are looking for an enjoyable, sustainable approach to achieving their goals.

To my fellow foodies, I’ve got your back.

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