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Are you in a toxic relationship with your scale?

Are you in a toxic relationship with your scale?

Here’s how to tell…

If your weight goes up slightly from the day prior, do you:

  • Instantly feel defeated?

  • Instantly feel like a failure?

  • Instantly want to give up?

  • Instantly want to throw your scale out the window?

If you answered YES to ANY of these questions, it’s time to recalibrate your relationship with your scale.

It’s NOT time to “break up with your scale because you should only celebrate non-scale victories”.

That's preposterous.

We need as much DATA as possible to monitor our progress and keep us heading in the right direction.

Our bodyweight is DATA

Our measurements are DATA

Our progress photos are DATA

How our clothes fit is DATA

How we look in the mirror is DATA

Each of these metrics contribute to a pool of DATA that indicates YOUR PROGRESS.

So, how exactly do you recalibrate your relationship with your scale?

First, it starts by understanding that daily fluctuations in bodyweight are totally normal and to be expected.

These fluctuations are primarily influenced by two things:

  • Hydration levels (often influenced by sodium intake from the day before).

  • How much food is currently sitting in your GI tract.

It is NOT indicative of fat gain.

Let me say that again…

The 1.3lbs you’re up today from yesterday is NOT indicative of fat gain.

Second, we focus on WEEKLY averages.

How your bodyweight is trending week to week, and even month to month is FAR more important than the differences you see day to day.

We achieve this weekly average by tracking our bodyweight every morning (yes, EVERY morning) and calculating an average at the end of the week.

This method smooths out the daily fluctuations and provides you with an accurate reflection of which direction your bodyweight is trending.

Here’s an example:

Monday: 202.5lbs

Tuesday 203lbs (panic)

Wednesday: 204lbs (panic)

Thursday: 201.5lbs (relief)

Friday: 202.5lbs (panic)

Saturday: 203lbs (panic)

Sunday: 201lbs (relief)

WEEKLY TOTAL = 1417.5lbs divided by 7 days


See how much panic you save by only focusing on the weekly average, versus giving all your attention to the day to day numbers?

Removing emotion and viewing the number on the scale as OBJECTIVE DATA is the KEY to finally improving your relationship with your scale.

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