• Robert Karpathios

A Client's Perspective on Sustainable Weight-Loss

I love sharing the perspectives of those who have navigated and conquered the trenches of nutrition. This piece was written by our very own client Jessica. Read and enjoy, I know I did!

What if you knew that you already had all the resources inside of you to achieve all your weight loss goals?

For years, I was a slave to my relationship with food: Cardio, restriction, unhealthy relationship with food, repeat.

When I first met Rob, the first thing I remember saying to him was: “You’re not going to tell me what to eat!” Due to a long-standing unhealthy relationship with food, I was tired of having a negative CAN’T DO relationship with what I put in my body that garnished little to no results. I wanted to take back my power and through evidence-based support from Rob, I learned that I had all the tools within me from the beginning.

Unfortunately, media and the emphasis on “quick fixes” and fad diets led me to believe that I had to take extreme measures that set me up on a perpetual unsustainable cycle of restriction and hating what I saw in the mirror. I would restrict myself to the point of feeling sick, hate myself for having a slice of pizza, and never being able to garnish long term sustainable results.

Through educating myself I now can base my nutritional choices based on the following principles covered in the True Strength Nutrition Academy:

  1. Maintaining a balance or the 80/20 rule within my diet.

  2. Working collaboratively with Rob to understand the right amount of calories I would need to eat for any goal I may have (Losing weight, maintaining weight, or gaining muscle) and being able to adhere to it long term because extreme restriction is never a part of any of these seasons.

  3. Understanding the value that each macronutrient plays in my diet and the value of understanding how to read food for its nutritional value to see if it belongs in my diet.

These simple strategies will give you back the power that many of us have lost in our relationship with food and it will reaffirm that:

  • NO you do not need to eat 800 calories a day to lose weight.

  • NO you do not need to reject yourself from eating any major food group or macronutrient to lose weight.

  • NO you do not need to restrict yourself from having fun and enjoying life to lose weight.

  • NO you do not need to hate yourself for enjoying that slice of pizza or bowl of ice cream.

The freedom that is associated with learning these simple strategies is powerful. You realize that you have the capacity and the choice to look however you choose if you make consistent, sustainable, and smart choices over an extended period of time.

Our relationship with food is a marathon not a sprint, we should probably enjoy the ride as much as we can because we are in it for the long haul; not just a quick fix!

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