• Robert Karpathios

Let's Keep it Real in 2020

Detoxes and cleanses aren't real. Our liver and kidneys do that already. Particularly well.

There's nothing essential about essential oils.

Carbs don't make you fat. Too many calories do.

Intermittent fasting is just a cooler way of saying you skip breakfast. It's not magic, you're literally just eating less.

Any diet that eliminates an entire food group or macronutrient because "X causes Y" probably isn't very healthful or sustainable.

You can't "balance your pH levels" by drinking expensive water. Our lungs and kidneys do that already. Again, particularly well.

Dihydrogen Monoxide. Sounds scary, right? It's probably bad for you. Just kidding, that's the chemical name for water. Everything is made up of chemicals. Literally everything.

Netflix documentaries are not a valid or legitimate source for accurate nutritional information.

The misinformation out there is real. Ask questions, be skeptical, use your critical thinking skills.

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