• Robert Karpathios

THE 80/20 RULE

As we all know, self sufficiency is very important when it comes to nutrition. No cookie cutter meal plans or restrictive diets. It's all about maximizing enjoyment and adherence while still being able to consistently achieve our goals. This is why we learn to self track, using a flexible approach to reach our nutrition goals. One of our guidelines within this approach is the 80/20 rule. This states that 80% of our calories should be spent on nutrient dense foods, and 20% can be spent on literally whatever we like, as long as we're still able to reach our calorie, protein and fiber targets. Let's break this down further to help us understand that this isn't a free pass to waste calories on less nutritious foods or alcohol. Remember, we still have a goal, and we still need to fuel our bodies with proper nutrition. Let's say our daily calorie target is 1500. This means that on any given day, we should be spending 1200 calories (1500x0.8) on nutrient dense foods. That leaves us 300 calories to spend on our favorite treats. Perhaps a few cookies, a scoop of iced cream or a few ounces of wine. This is only acceptable, of course, if we're still able to reach our calorie, protein, and fiber targets.

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