• Robert Karpathios

Do Calories Matter?

YES! Tracking your food intake relative to your goals is absolutely imperative if you're looking to maximize your results.

Let's look at it this way:

Lifting weights at the gym = grass seed Proper nutrition = water and fertilizer

If you simply throw down some grass seed on top of the soil and leave it at that, you may get some small patches of grass here and there, but that's it. This is the equivalent of working hard in the gym but not supporting that work with proper nutrition.

Now, if you prepare the soil correctly, plant the seed, and follow a structured plan to fertilize and water that seed every day/week/month, you'll end up with thick, luscious, beautiful green grass growing from the soil. This is the equivalent of not only working hard in the gym, but also supporting that work with the proper nutrition relative to your goals.

What's the best way to meet these needs?

Tracking your intake via My Fitness Pal or another calorie tracking app. There simply isn't a more effective, efficient, or EASIER way to do it.

  • This method leaves every ounce of uncertainty behind.

  • It lays the foundation for a healthy relationship with food.

  • It allows freedom and flexibility.

  • It teaches the framework of how to properly construct meals.

  • It shapes discipline and allows you to build credibility with yourself.

  • It gets you to your goals faster.

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