• Robert Karpathios

How to Optimize Your Sleep Quality


1. Set a sleep alarm 1 hour before your desired sleep time.

2. Once your sleep alarm goes off, eliminate all technology and screen time and dim down the lights.

3. Complete your nightly routine: shower, brush teeth, wash face, put out clothes etc.

4. For the remainder of your time before bed, perform something that relaxes you such as stretching, box breathing (See video from last week), meditation, reading, gratitude journaling etc.

5. Avoid alcohol, caffeine and nicotine 3-4 hours before your desired sleep time.


1. Black out the entire bedroom: cover alarm clocks, shut blinds, leave phones and tablets in another room.

2. Ensure the bedroom remains cool throughout the night.

3. If you feel restless for an extended period of time, leave your bedroom to perform your pre-bed relaxation method until you feel tired again.

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