• Robert Karpathios

Daily Preparedness Score: Are You Prepared to Perform?

As most of you know, we love anything that is quantifiable and measurable, which is why we've created this formula. Extrapolating how you feel into numbers should help to paint a clear picture of WHY you're performing/feeling the way you are.

We begin with assessing our 4 major pillars of performance over the last 48 hours: nutrition, hydration, sleep and stress. Each of the 4 categories is scored from 0-10. 0 being absolutely terrible, and 10 being the absolute best it could possibly be.

Once each category is scored from 0-10, we add the total points and score them out of 40 (4 groups x 10 points/group). Once we've established a score out of 40, we then convert that score into a percentage. That will provide you with your daily preparedness score.

Here is an example:



DAILY PREPAREDNESS SCORE: 57.5% (divide 23 by 40, then multiply by 100)

As you can see based on the scoring above, this person is approximately 57.5% prepared to perform at their absolute best in the gym. If you're performing less than desirable in the gym, or even at work, take an audit of the last 48 hours and score it up. Chances are, the number you end up with will reflect how you're feeling, or pretty close to it. What's your daily preparedness score based on your last 48 hours?

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