• Robert Karpathios

The Ultimate Plank Check-List

Have you followed True Strength Personal Training on Instagram yet? If not, here's what you'll get: even more content created just for you, to help you live a strong, resilient, pain free life. Follow us @TrueStrengthBarrie and join the movement. PLANKS The exercise we all love to hate, but when performed with proper form and intensity, these can serve as one of the greatest core movements of all time. The plank is a force resisting movement that challenges the muscles of the core in the most mechanically accurate setting possible. Here is your ultimate plank check-list, broken down step by step. 1. Maintain a forceful glute contraction: this ensures that our lumbo-pelvic girdle (low back/pelvis) remains locked into a neutral position at all times. 2. Maintain rib-cage & pelvic alignment: this means properly engaging our deep and superficial abdominal muscles in order to keep our rib-cage tucked in and aligned with our pelvis. 3. Depress & protract shoulders: forcefully drive your shoulders down, away from your ears while also driving your chest away from the floor. This will set our shoulder blades into a stable position for the duration of the plank. GUIDELINES 1. Perform this movement for 3 sets of 30 seconds with 60-90 seconds of rest between sets. 2. Once you can demonstrate proficiency with this movement, increase the demand by adding weight (not duration) to your back in 5lb increments. 3. Share this list to help your friends with their planks! Do more, so you can be more.

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