• Robert Karpathios

3 Reasons to Avoid In-Home Personal Training

Many people love the idea of working with an in-home trainer. Turns out that's probably not the most effective way to reach your goals.


That old universal cable machine and pair of dumbbells collecting dust in your basement just aren't going to cut it. Working with a trainer who has access to a commercial grade facility is going to provide appropriate exercise selection. This is important as each exercise will be put in place in relation to your goals. This is the principle of specificity, which means you must train with methods specific to your goals and your goals only. Working with limited resources is going to give you limited results.


Just because you're sweating and gasping for air doesn't mean that your workout was effective. Anyone can throw together a circuit with some squats, burpees, and jumping jacks, but that isn't training - that's just exercise. While working with a trainer in a fully equipped facility, you'll be provided effective exercises that are put in place specifically for you - not just thrown together haphazardly to make you break a sweat.


Most often, the things we truly desire in life require hard work to achieve. Just because something is convenient doesn't always mean it's going to be the best choice for us. Booking your sessions away from home will provide additional accountability and build the discipline required to achieve and sustain your fitness goals.


The idea of working with your personal trainer in the comfort of your own home may seem very enticing. However, if you're serious about achieving sustainable results and building true discipline along the way, make the extra effort to train in a facility that's equipped for exactly that.

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