• Robert Karpathios

The 3 Pillars of Success

There’s no magic recipe for success. We all know that. Why is it then, that most people tend to deviate from what actually works? Attempting to reinvent the wheel can be extremely counterproductive and only lead you down a path of disappointment. Instead of trying to find new, easier ways to achieve your goals, try sticking to proven methods. It comes down to the 3 Pillars of Success.


  1. Effort

  2. Consistency

  3. Accountability

It takes massive amounts of EFFORT produced on a CONSISTENT basis while being held ruthlessly ACCOUNTABLE to effectively conquer your goals. Here’s the breakdown of each pillar with clear examples.


Imagine trying to ride a bicycle without peddling. That would be physically impossible. In order to propel the bicycle forward, you must produce force against the pedals. This is exactly how EFFORT works in relation to success – if you don’t produce enough effort, you’ll remain in the exact same place you started.

This comes in many different forms. Maybe this means committing yourself to making 10 extra sales calls each day. Maybe it’s sticking to your meal plan on weekends and holidays. Or, maybe it’s pushing out those last few reps at the gym.

EFFORT serves as the first pillar of success.


You’ve managed to pedal your bicycle for a while and everything seems to be going great. Your next challenge: the hill. What would happen if you suddenly stopped pedaling only part way up the hill? You would come to a stop and consequently roll back down to the bottom. This is CONSISTENCY – if you don’t remain consistent with your efforts, the progress you’ve made will stop and eventually begin to regress.

This is taking your efforts and reproducing them day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, for many years, until you eventually become unstoppable.

CONSISTENCY serves as the second pillar of success.


Let’s take a moment to reflect on the first two examples. First, you had to learn how to move the bicycle by pedaling. Then, you made some common mistakes, reassessed, and slowly made your way to the top of the hill. All of these things could have been avoided if another, more experienced cyclist had been there with you, guiding you along the way, providing feedback, encouragement and preventing you from making the same mistakes they had already made. This is ACCOUNTABILITY – if your game plan lacks accountability, how can you expect to conquer your goals in the most efficient, safe and timely manner possible?

This is investing in a strategic business coach, a personal trainer, a cooking instructor. These experts have traveled the path you’re on many times. They can provide you with feedback, encouragement, and most importantly, set goals and deadlines to hold you accountable. Thus, providing you the tools and the support to achieve massive levels of success.

ACCOUNTABILITY serves as the third and final pillar of success.


It doesn’t matter what type of goal you’re setting. Just make sure that you set yourself up for success while on your journey.

Put forth EFFORT



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